Vietnam - Mai Chau - Hoa Binh

Vietnam - Mai Chau - Hoa Binh

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Mai Chau

  1. What is it?

Mai Chau which is one of the 5 towns of the founding Cho Bo districts,  Muong province – Hoa Binh province’s predecessor (1886). To 1892, Mai Chau is one of the 5 towns of the Peace. In the struggle against the French colonists, Mai Chau is a district south of Mai Da district,  Da river, Vietnam Union North zone from November 4, 1949 and August 9, 1950 to enter into new regional section 3. September 21, 1957 , Mai Da was divided into 2 districts Da Bac and Mai Chau. Meanwhile Mai Chau has 5 commune: Mai Thuong, Mai Ha, Tan Mai, Pu Bin, Bao La. Currently, Mai Chau belongs to Hoa Binh province as valley of white Thai group. 2 villages in Mai Chau is a popular tourist Coong Lac and Pom are many households are service in stilt house – the traditional house of  Thai people.

  1. Location

Mai Chau is a mountainous district of Hoa Binh province. Mai Chau is the most Western district of the province, the northern border province with Son La, Thanh Hoa province to the south, the north with Da Bac district, east of Tan Lac district. Mai Chau located about 140km south west of Hanoi and about 50 km from Hoa Binh town.

  1. Why to come?

As a valley in Mai Chau, the climate is quite mild and pleasant. Summer is not too hot, nor too cold winters. So you can travel to Mai Chau on any time of the year. However, according to Mai Chau travel experience the most fun, the most beautiful time of Mai Chau and worth exploring especially around

– October to December: This time, Mai Chau began in winter, the air is quite cool and pleasant and features you will admire a great spectacle that is peach, white plum blossom sky Mai Chau. We can say if anyone had ever witnessed the spectacle “sun flower Highland White Tea” will also be impressed with the Mai Chau image and pure white.

– March and April: The moment the flowers bloom, the weather is quite pleasant. Especially this time the festival had plenty of ethnic minorities here.

  1. How to go?

There are some options to visit Mai Chau such as: get on local bus to Tong Dau crossroad then take a taxi to Mai Chau or rent a scooter from Hanoi and drive to there with map.

  1. Activities:

Mai Chau town is very small so you can rent bikes to pedal around the villages, do not necessarily have to use motorcycles. The stilt house in the Lac has many bike rental, you can contact your local hosts for more details. You also could climb up to Chieu cave or visit a private Thai – Muong people museum.


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