Affiliate with Hanoi Tour Planner

It is a brilliant choice of you when affiliate with Hanoi Tour Planner. Since establishing, Hanoi Tour Planner has been highly appreciated by partners, travel agents, and customers. We have a large network of Travel Supplier and distribution channels. As we have committed, the reputation for us is top. What we say we will do to the end. We accept lost, we don’t accept loosing reputation. Therefore, your rights when affiliating with us are always guaranteed.

The affiliation is the best for the Home business, Personal businesses whose have travel channel.

1. How to Affiliate with Hanoi Tour Planner?

Please just send a request to, introduce yourself, your business and show us your supply channel. We will get back to you instantly with introduction and agreements to work together. We are happy to cooperate with all of you.

2. What is benefit when affiliate with Hanoi Tour Planner?

– You will earn from 6-12% commission total cost of all the productions you sell – exclude airfare.

– In case you want to join to the trip or doing inspection, we will consider and offer the best fees for you. In some case, we will offer free 100% total cost excepting airfares.

– In case you want to develop your Selling channel, we will do our best to support you, doing consultant and if necessary, we will invest with you.

– Your channel will be listed at the PARTNET NETWORK sites of Hanoi Tour Planner, listed on official website of Hanoi Tour Planner as well as getting approved to be  the official channel of Hanoi Tour Planner.

– You will have a chance to be a brand of Hanoi Tour Planner.

3. Any binding when affiliate with Hanoi Tour Planner?

When both of us decide to cooperate, we will have to sign the agreements with the policies insides. But don’t worry, everything is flexible.

It will be easier than ever when working with Hanoi Tour Planner. We created the playground to win. We work on WIN-WIN attitude. All staffs of Hanoi Tour Planner are lovely and support you anytime.