About us



We are a member of HTPCOM Vietnam company. We are the travel organizer in Southeast Asia. We supply travel package to South East Asia includes Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar. We always try our best because we are working for the best.

The world is moving everyday and there are more and more competitors in the tourism industry. However, we believe that only the difference can make a difference. Because of that, we always try every day to make that difference. Those are the breakthroughs, the newness in the tour program and the way we take care of you. The products that we bring to you must be calculated in the most detailed way and make you feel the most satisfied with every penny you paid. You will be found the difference when using our service.

To do that, we need to have a thorough understanding and experience of everything from landscapes, culture, people and customs in places where we are directing you to go. Along with these are constantly updated information about changes in those places. So we can give you the best advice.

The most important and the principle of our business are reputation. What we said to you, we do it at all costs. We are not perfect, but we will make perfection to be more perfect. That’s why, we reached a big successful after 4 years working under brand HANOI TOUR PLANNER.

We are constantly developing and has gained the great achievements that unbelievable. After a long time working, we had a wide NETWORK of customers, travel suppliers, friends and reputation partners. Until now, we have 2 hotels in Hanoi, 2 cruises in Halong bay, 2 offices in Hanoi, 1 support agent in Ho Chi Minh city and 1 support in Cambodia. All of it made us to become one of the most reputation travel organizations in Vietnam as well as South East Asia. All of it has proven how we work.


We always work with a high sense of responsibility. We always look forward to bringing the best to you. What is that? It is responsible, professional, courteous, flexible and timely. We never let you wait too long to get answers. All, we only solve in 1 music note. 

We knew that nothing is perfect. We always listen to the customer, learn from them the experience, learn from the your comments to improve our selves. And we thank you for the valuable feedback after using our service.

But what we got? 92% customers satisfied with our service, 99% customers trust to us, 100% travel partners and suppliers satisfied. All we do just for 1 target, it is your satisfaction.


They are a young team, love their job and want to be developed. They have a long time working in the big and reputation travel companies in Vietnam, be trained carefully by the most experienced people in our company. They were given a big powers by the company’s founder when working with the customer. So, they always meet job requirements quickly, compact, precise.

Our company works and develop  base on the innovative ideas. We always appreciate the good ideas, the revolutionary step. And we always create extremely good environment for all the staff to develop, improve the skills and income. They are happy with the job they are doing. So, there are no reasons to be disappointed about them. They always give their best to the work. We trust them.


We have been in most of the places that we are organizing the tour. All the places we arrived were recorded in detailed. From the place to eat, entertainment area, leisure, pharmacy… to the the issues of security, politics, culture as well as customary. We pay attention to everything there in order to supply the customers the most comprehensive vision at the places they want to visit. Otherwise, it helps us a lot to find out the brilliant tour itinerary with excellent combinations of activities, scenery and people. Everything is never easier for us. Just send us  a request, you will have all you need.


We never want to compete about the price with our competitors. We do our job by our ways. We just compete about quality of service including before, during and after using our service. We do not want the cheap tour makes you feel unhappy about us. We don’t guarantee for the cheapest price, we guarantee for the best offer only. When we create the itinerary, it must be:

  • No duplication activities
  • No overlap the routes possible
  • No duplicate destination possible
  • More place to visit in a duration
  • More activities added to the itinerary
  • Save the money for the customer