traffic Hanoi

Some tips for travelling in Hanoi city

Cross crowded streets safely. This is often a problem for first time travelers to Vietnam. It is very easy. Just look on the direction, go slow and straight, and don’t change your speed and direction suddenly. Everyone will avoid you.


Avoid hotel scams. Sometimes, when you arrive at a hotel, someone comes to tell you that the hotel you booked with could not supply the accommodation and they need to move you to another hotel. What does this person want? They want to move you to their hotel or partner hotels to use their accommodation service or sell their travel service – with a sky-high price. Go to the lobby of the hotel you booked with and confirm with the receptionist to make sure this is real. If the person still forces you to go with him, you can say that you need to use the restroom. All hotels allow their customers to use their restrooms.


Keep an eye out for the taxi scams. The price of package from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter prices is around 16 US dollars (350.000 VND), for four seats. Some taxi scams will drop you at the wrong hotel and put you into there to get commissions. Say no to them. If it is dangerous for you, you can pick your phone, take pictures of the taxi and hotel, and bring them to the nearest police station. If you can’t find one, you can send your photos to Hanoi Tour Planner, and they will help you to get there.

Watch out for city taxi scams, as well. There are a lot of scam taxis in Hanoi city. Almost all of them have strange brand names. Before getting in the taxi, estimate the distance you will travel and calculate the fees. If you feel the price is too high, or feel the driver looks suspicious, just pay his requirement and take pictures of the car with the registration number on the back of the car. After that, go to your hotel to get help or contact Hanoi Tour Planner; they will help you, and you may get your money back. Safe taxis to take include Taxi Group, Mai Linh taxi, and Thanh Cong taxi.


Avoid street scams. Someone with fruit invites you to take it and take the photos with your action? No more words to say to them than, “No thank you”. When the shoe shiner gets closer to you and ask you to shine your shoe? No more words to say to them than, “No thank you” and go. If not, you will be charged with exorbitant prices.


Avoid pickpockets and robbers. Losing something is bad luck for you. There are no surefire ways to avoid robbers. The best thing you can do is to reduce what you lose. Every time you go out, leave your passport and credit card at the hotel, and don’t bring too much money along with you. If you have bags or a wallet, keep them in front of you where you can see them.


Be wary of call-girls. If you are a man and you go out late at night, some girls may try to get close to you and want to engage in sexual activities. Avoid them at all costs – they are trying to pickpocket you. Say no to her requests and pay attention to your pockets. Never quarrel with her, though – she’ll often have a lot of gangster guys behind her.



In all these bad situations, your safety comes first. You can solve the other troubles later.

The police are very helpful.


Fighting with any of the locals can be very dangerous.