banh cuon Hanoi

Banh Cuon – Steamed rice pancake

This is one of my favourist food in Vietnam beside of Bun Cha or Pho. Banh Cuon (Steamed rolled rice pancake Hanoi) is also a long-standing dish of Northern Vietnam and is also a dish with many variations in different localities. All of these dishes are delicious and easy to eat, not greasy and can be eaten at any time of the day and for everyone.

When we eat Steamed rice pancake, we can feel the perfume of rice, ingredients, the fatty task of pork meat, the sweetness of fish sauce … mixed together that make us feel irresistible. As a food fanatic, I was truly conquered. Of course the vegetarian people can’t feel this but they still have another way to try Banh Cuon vegan.

From Banh Cuon, we create other related dishes. These include pho rolls, spring rolls… The original rice pancake in Hanoi will be highlighed in this post.

banh cuon Hanoi
Steamed rice pancake hanoi

The most important ingredient will be rice powder. The rice will be soaked in water for about 8 hours, then ground thoroughly. Along with that, add a little tapioca starch and potato starch with a special function. All mixtures will be blended several times to ensure smoothness. Recently, You can find this pre-mixed powder at the supermarket. You just put that powder with some water and cook. However, with long-standing and reputable shops, they have their own powder mixing formula.

Next is the filling of the cake. It is a mixture of many spices. The main ingredient is pork mixed with mushroom meat and chopped spring onions. Spices include salt, sugar, pepper,… all stir-fried together. And now we have enough the raw ingredients and start to cook.



We have been trying many shops in Old Quarter. You can follow us to try the food here:

The address is at number 71 Hang Bo. Banh Cuon is cook by the old woman. We heard the stories about her family to make Banh Cuon. Her job now is almost 36 years since her mom taught her to make steamed rice pancake. The shop is opened for almost 30 years.

Time to open: 06.30am to 22pm

2. Thanh Vân – Bánh Cuốn since 1973

Address: 12-14 Hang Ga street, Hoan Kiem.

Open time: 7am to 22pm


If you are outside of Old Quater in Long Bien district, you can visit another beautiful Banh Cuon. It is open for the night only. The open time is from 18pm to 4am next day

You can be found them at number 316 Ngoc Lam street, Long Bien, Hanoi. The shop is almost 22 years old.