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Want to have an amazing trip with your family or your group? Great!!

Wants to have a private time and keep away from crowd? Owesome!!

Your trip is never easier when you come with us to rent a bus or car with driver for your journey in Vietnam and Cambodia. There are many agents allow you to book a car with them on the internet. Everything seemingly very simple but if you don’t negotiate before going, you will have many troubles that effect to your trip. The problem here that the hidden fees, route changing, Government issues… Lets me share something below:

  • When you rent a car or bus per day or per route with all included, it doesn’t mean that you can go everywhere in the day. You should show the places you will visit before you go because the price of the vehicle rent is depending on mileage, time duration, size of the vehicle.
  • You rent a car want to book a bus in full day doesn’t mean the car is valid for 24 hour. You should ask and negotiate about the time duration every day.
  • You can’t require the driver works all the time during the day without taking rest. You are killing yourself. The driver needs to rest in every 2 hours driving.
  • You should make sure that all the highway fees are included
  • To avoid any hidden fees, you should ask them what is included in the rental. Make sure all the conditions are clearly. The smart travelers always create the contract between 2 sides and pay 50% before going. When does the trip finish, they will pay remaining.
  • You have to make sure the booking agents are reputation that you can trust.


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