visa invitation letter
If you have less than 15 days travelling in Vietnam, you can get visa at the airport in Vietnam. It is the easiest way to get entry Vietnam. Visa Invitation letter Vietnam is also called VISA On arrival approval. This option is only applied for someone arrive to Vietnam by air. When arrive to any […]
hire tour guide Vietnam
A right decision when you are planning a private trip in Vietnam. Not only a translation men,  The tour guide does a lot of things for you. He takes care of you during your time, manager quality of service , supply you all information of the places you are visiting. And the most important that […]
Halong bay
Decide how to get there. Go to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and choose the transportation type. The best way to go to Halong Bay from Hanoi is by tourist bus. It is cheap and comfortable and the bus to Halong Bay are new, have air conditioning and come with a safe driver. The road […]
traffic Hanoi
Cross crowded streets safely. This is often a problem for first time travelers to Vietnam. It is very easy. Just look on the direction, go slow and straight, and don’t change your speed and direction suddenly. Everyone will avoid you.   Avoid hotel scams. Sometimes, when you arrive at a hotel, someone comes to tell you […]